Private Consultations

One consultation with Elizabeth will give you a roadmap of what to practice for about six months.

Possible topics include:

"I never have energy. I feel tired and burnt out."

We will look at some deep causes. There is a lot you can do other than exercising, sleeping, eating healthy good, and showing gratitude. (Not that those are bad ideas; we will just go deeper).

"My important relationships in life are not where I want them to be."

We will develop a daily practice to help."I want to raise my own happiness, inner stability, inner strength, and inner peace.

"We’ll come up with a roadmap just for you."

I want to grow spiritually but I don't know where to start.

"I want to grow spiritually but I don't know where to start."

Spiritual work is very fulfilling. We will examine your path and your goals, and set a spiritual path that feels right to you. (Whether you’re religious or not!)

"I want a daily meditation practice that works for me and helps me become a more joyful and fulfilled person."

We will talk about your life and where you want to be, and design a meditation practice that will help take you there.

A consultation lasts 50 minutes. You will get a roadmap and actionable steps. If you feel stuck and are not sure what to do or try next, this is a great option.

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