Wise, Beautiful Speech: Happiness Program

Step into the new year with beautiful speech. If our words are cluttered with negativity and criticisms, we have no space for our true selves.

The quality of our speech determines the quality of our life, our relationships, and our level of happiness.

The art of speech is saying the truth in gentle, beautiful words.It's also where mindfulness, compassion, and self-compassion meet.

This program will plant seeds that will take you successfully into the holiday season and into 2024.

Every participant will see their lives change for the better!

In our time, speech is incredibly careless and tends to be on autopilot.

You can convey the same message in words that are critical and harsh, or in words that are positive, supportive, and hopeful.

It’s a trap of the mind, or, as we call it in the sciences, a cognitive error, to think that just because someone is being harsh or untruthful to us, that we can also be that way.

The Vedas suggest that when we speak negatively of others, we take on their bad karma and give them our positive karma.We will also cover:

  • How can we transform our speech?
  • Where does wanting to be right come from?
  • What effect do promises have?
  • How do we punish ourselves for certain kinds of speech?
  • What is deep listening or compassionate listening?
  • How can our speech become wise and beautiful?
  • How can we learn to not criticize?
  • How can we talk to people in a way that they love to listen?
  • How can we listen in a way that people love to speak to us?


HOST: Happiness Sangha

FACILITATOR: Elizabeth Pyjov

COST: $425