What's 2023 All About? How to Succeed in the Year of the Water Rabbit

2023 has already opened its doors to us. Let’s get to know this year better. Each year has a focus and rhythm that's wholly its own.

Each year is different because we are given a different kind of opportunity to reach a new level of strength.I'll do a one-time workshop on Thursday on the lessons, energies, and rhythms of 2023.

This past year 2022 was about gentleness. 2023 is very different.

The year of the Water Rabbit only happens twice per century and it's always unique.

What qualities do we cultivate to be successful in 2023? What does the year of ? ? want us to learn?

Coming out of this workshop, you'll know how to be in harmony with your surroundings and yourself in the next twelve months.

I hope you pay attention to these lessons of 2023 early in the year so that by the end of the year you have a stronger inner resource, more happiness, and more energy.


Replay: Yes, available

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