Wednesday Night Compassion Meditation Sangha

For the rest of winter, every Wednesday night we'll do a different kind of compassion meditation from 8:30 - 8:55 PM together as a community.

Each practice will have its own theme and teaching.The registration for all the live meditations from February to early March is here.If you can't be there, you will receive the recording.


  • February 15 - Compassion for All Beings
  • February 22 - Taking and Receiving Compassion
  • March 1 - Heart as Wide as the World

Here's the registration for every Wednesday between February 1 and March 1. This way you will always do a compassion meditation once a week.

What students said about these meditations last winter:

The session was like a warm bath of light… so brilliant yet soft at the same time. Thank you!” — Stella

Thank you for doing this for us, Elizabeth! I feel so much support and just kind, warm thoughts all around me. You always give me that necessary boost and I so look forward to it!” — Valentina

So good to be at the Wednesday night compassion meditations. In the last two days, my shoulders were aching. By the end of the first meditation, I was a puddle of mindfulness and goodness. Thank you!!” — Lee

Your meditations have lifted a heavy emotional weight off my shoulders for that I am appreciative and grateful. You provide enough positive energy for the week. You help me keep things in proper perspective. Thank you and see you next Wednesday.” — Kerry

What a great thing to do midweek! One thing I noticed toward the end of the meditation was a feeling of warmth and stronger connection. What a gift that is! Hope you have a great day and week!” — Darin

Fabulous meditation. I selfishly want you to do one every day! Thank you so much for doing this!” — Addie


Time: 8:30 - 8:55 PM EST every Wednesday from February 1 - March 1

Replay: Yes, available

Place: Zoom video