The Buddha's Path to Happiness

You'll be empowered to put the Buddha's path to happiness right into practice in this five-week program with philosophy, psychology, and amazing meditations.

This program will show you the Buddha's path toward happiness in a way that's fresh and that you can put to practice daily.

What is the Buddha's practical path to happiness?

Why is it so radical that it turned the world upside down?

How are the Buddha's teachings more relevant now than ever?

How do we apply these teachings now?

Elizabeth Pyjov holds a Master's of Theological Studies in Buddhism from Harvard Divinity School,

It profoundly impacted her life, her habits, and her way of thinking. She can't wait to share it with you.

In each class we will do meditation practices and explore the mind shifts that lead to happiness and joy!

Class 1: The Buddha’s Life and Self-Compassion

Class 2: Awareness and the Middle Path

Class 3: Joy, Non-Dogmatism, and Metta for All Beings

Class 4: Karma, Intention, and the Buddha’s Last Words


"Joy level is rising!"

"I really enjoyed the meditations and also the Buddhist philosophy. It was eye-opening! I relate very much to it."

❉  "After years of informal and intermittent study, I finally understood the herat of Buddhism. The content was presented and contextualized in a way that was clear, accessible, relevant, challenging and inspiring."

"Thanks to this class I am now meditating daily."

"My awareness, intentions, and self-compassion have improved. I’m more at peace."


• Proven Path Toward Happiness and Joy 👣

• Living with Meaning 💡

• More Self-Compassion 🩷

• Greater Life Satisfaction 😀

• Less Stress, Less Anxiety 🚫

• Better Relationships with Others & the World 🌎


• 4 prerecorded sessions of 90 minutes each

• Meditations to accompany you each week

• Exercises to work deeply with the subconscious

• Philosophy, science, world religions teachings

• Informal "doing" homework each week

• Support in your practice from Elizabeth

• More focus, more inner space, less suffering


Cost: $485

Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

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