Inner Lightness: Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness

Forgiveness is necessary for both inner peace and loving relationships. The more we forgive, the more energy we have.

As you forgive, you feel a greater inner resource right away.

Self-forgiveness and self-compassion go hand-in-hand. It's possible to both forgive and have strong boundaries. We can forgive others but also keep ourselves safe.

I'm happy to announce a four-week meditation program on Inner Lightness: Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness. You can do it virtually live or through replays. All the details are below.

Here are testimonials from the last time the program was offered:

❉  "I did not take this course because I thought I needed to work on forgiveness; I simply wanted to continue studying with you. What did I know! It turns out, of course, that I desperately needed to do this work. It has been so rewarding, life-affirming and freeing to practice forgiveness. I feel stronger having done this course."

❉  "I was really shocked to discover I could forgive myself."

❉  "I feel more powerful and lighter."

❉  "This practice seems to be guarding me against the burnout I had been feeling."

❉  "As I brought forgiveness more into my awareness. I discovered there are a number of things I’m still hanging on to. This class has been helpful to find ways to release... I have felt lighter and more joyful as a result."

❉  "I felt I was able to forgive myself and to release blame toward myself for some past mistakes and to feel more connected to my own heart."


Forgiveness has great benefits for the person who forgives:

  • Greater life satisfaction
  • Less stress, less anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Healthier heart
  • Stronger immune system


  • 4 sessions of two hours each live (and replay for each)
  • Meditations to accompany you each week
  • Exercises to work deeply with the subconscious
  • Understanding the science of forgiveness
  • Growing in self-forgiveness
  • Poetry, philosophy, science, world religions teachings
  • Informal "doing" homework each week
  • Support in your practice from Elizabeth
  • Wonderful, international class community
  • More focus, more inner space, less suffering

Forgiveness is a key practice in all the world religions. Hope to bring more of it into your life as well.

The person you're mainly hurting by holding on to grudges is yourself.

Once you let the grudges go, inner lightness and ease follow. That's what we'll do together.


Time: February 5, 12, 19, and 26, from 5 - 7 pm EST or via recording

Replay: Yes, available

Place: Zoom video

Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

Registration here