Happy, Healthy Relationships

This is a 5-week meditation and psychology class for happy, healthy relationships.

Why do certain people make us feel very tired? Why do certain people make us doubt ourselves and who we are? Why do other people give us energy and inspiration? Why is it that around certain people we feel very strong, and around others we feel weak? What can we do to make all our relationships happy and more healthy? We will meditate on mindfulness, compassion, and self-compassion in a way that leads to happy, healthy connection. We will see what is at the root of destructive relationships and learn the patterns that all destructive relationships fit into. This material is life-changing.

  • 5 pre-recorded classes of 90 minutes each
  • 8 readings from psychology that will change how you look at the world
  • 10 new recorded meditations, and daily practices to bring energy, safety, and flourishing to you.


Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

Cost: $485

Register: here