Freedom from the Inner Critic: 4-Part Happiness Program with Elizabeth Pyjov

Anyone who is anxious, stressed, or could use more self-compassion will love this class!

The course consists of four prerecorded sessions of 90 minutes each

Using evidence-based and cutting-edge tools and skills, Freedom from the Inner Critic trains your mind to get strong and stay strong over the longterm. You will gain the ability to regulate your thoughts and emotions in skillful ways, unwind the mental weight that is dragging you down, and connect to inner strengths that help you feel happier, more confident, and more resilient.

As we become less judgmental, we are more authentic. We connect in a more meaningful way to others. We also unlock a lot of energy!You’ll finish the program knowing how to:

  • Manage your thoughts more skillfully
  • Regulate your emotions in healthier ways
  • Uplevel your stress responses
  • Be calm and effective under pressure
  • Unlock peak performance states
  • Take empowered action
  • Shift pessimism for purpose and positivity
  • Be a force for good in the world
  • Find inner peace

If you want to let go of the things holding you back mentally and find greater inner peace while working towards reaching your greatest potential in life, this program is a great choice. I've combined the most profound and powerful insights and tools I know for inner freedom, a radiant heart, deep peace, and unshakable inner strength.


Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

Cost: $425

Registration: here