Becoming Self-Compassionate: Meditation and Science of the Mind Program for Happiness

Your level of self-compassion is your level of happiness!

In this series, created by Elizabeth Pyjov, you will learn to be self-compassionate or deepen your self-compassion in new ways.

Join this workshop to better understand what self-compassion is, the science of self-compassion, and how to practice it each day.

Even if you come out being 5% more self-compassionate, the quality of your life will improve!

Some of the topics we will address:

· How does self-compassion impact the body and brain?

· Why does self-compassion increase levels of energy, ignite creativity, and help protect from burnout?

· How is self-compassion different from self-indulgence or self-esteem?

· How can we cultivate self-compassion on a daily basis?

After this program, your inner experience will feel more like confidence and warmth.


· Less Anxiety

· Less Depression

· More Positive Emotions

· Better Sleep

· Stronger Immune System

· Better Mental Health

· Happier Relationships with Others


· 2 live sessions of two hours each (and the replay for each)

· More Self-Compassion = More Happiness

· Inspiration from Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Native American religions in how they view Self-Compassion

· Science of Self-Compassion

· Accepting yourself as you are

· Support in your practice from Elizabeth

· Global class community


· "I am more in touch with myself, my self-compassion is stronger. I am more connected with my challenges rather than disconnected. The class is revelatory and reinforcing."

· "The program was life-changing and life-affirming."

· "Elizabeth communicates the self-compassion material as if by osmosis."

· "Such connection to the whole world and gratitude for being alive, in this moment."

· "With Elizabeth's voice guiding me,I felt I was in a cocoon... so safe and loved."

· "The class was life-changing for me. After the meditation, I felt lighter and excited for what's to come in my life. Thank you so much for the teachings and meditations!"


When: Via recording

Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

Registration: here