Ancestors: The Root of All Things

I knew that working with ancestors was part of the spiritual path. It is there in the Christian teachings, in Jewish rituals, in Native American philosophy, in Taoist offerings, and in Buddhist practices.

It was there in every tradition I touched.It took me a long time to start doing work with my own family line and my own ancestral tree.

It has been a real source of joy! There I found energy, strength, groundedness, and my own inner peace.

I can’t wait to pass down these practices to you.

This November, in honor of Thanksgiving, I’ll be teaching a class called "Ancestors: The Root of All Things."We will connect to ourselves in new ways through understanding how to send compassion to each ancestor in the tree. We will look at ourselves and our path in a new light. We will uncover streams of love and let them flow.

This knowledge is vast and the practices are unique. It is a course that costs $265. The dates are 4 consecutive Sundays starting November 13. You will get recordings for each session.

In addition to the 4 sessions on Sundays, there will be 10 special live meditations in which we will connect to all different kinds of ancestors in our tree: the wise ones and the warriors, the hermits and the grandparents, those who found love, who were happy and flourished, and those who didn't.In every family tree there is everything. Working with your family tree, we work with the entire world.

I hope these practices work magic in your life in the same way that they worked magic in mine. Your ancestors are always present in your life on some level. Once we make that present conscious, you will feel strong and confident in ways you have not imagined before.I look forward to seeing you in class.

Registration is here.