A Woman's Strength: Four Week Program

There are a lot of demands on women right now and many expectations. I want to give women practices for empowerment.

In this 4-week program, you'll learn:

❉ What is unique about a woman's path.

❉ How women connect to their strength.

❉ How to best express the emotions you'd rather not have.

❉ Befriending aggression.

❉ What to do with anger.❉ How to reconcile the human and the divine.

❉ How to connect with both yin and yang strength.

❉ Ancient practices for connecting to female strength. Why is Strength Important?

❉ The more inner strength, the more energy.

❉ The more inner strength, the better relationships.

❉ The more inner strength, the more confidence.

❉ The more inner strength, the more beautiful you feel.

❉ The more inner strength, the more connected you are to yourself.A Strong Woman Is:

❉  A strong woman is a calm woman.

❉  A strong woman has less anxiety.

❉  A strong woman is grounded and at ease.

❉  A strong woman is a relaxed woman, because she knows she has her strength to rely on.What We'll Cover:

❉ How can a woman become stronger?

❉ How have women found their strength for centuries?

❉ How can a woman access both the male strength and the female strength inside her?

❉ What are ancestral practices for a woman's strength?

❉ How can our inner strength feed our relationships, careers, self-compassion, and all the other roles in our life?

Program Includes:

❉  10 Therapeutic Practices

❉  7 New Meditations❉  Ancient Practices for Women's Strength

❉  A Community of Women❉  A Journey to Your Strength and Empowerment.

Why Participate:

❉ You'll happier, lighter, and know why being a woman is a real gift.

❉ This program will give you practices for overcoming difficult emotions.

❉ This program will highlight the uniqueness of a female path.

❉ We will also create a community of women who connect to themselves and do ancient practices for female strength.


Why: Your Calm, Happiness, Fulfillment, Strength

Host: Happiness Sangha

Facilitator: Elizabeth Pyjov

Cost: $375

Registration: here